Krisp1 Modular Construction is the official builder of the high Quality Oakley Modular Synthesizer designed by Tony Allgood.

We are here to build Oakley Modules for those that don't have the electronic experience to build them or simply would rather use their time to play there modular rather than build it.
Each module is hand built to a very high specifications and with high quality parts and comes with a 1 year guarantee.

All the sockets are Switchcraft 112 1/4" sockets. The pots used are Alpha 16mm pots.
Modules are built to the RoHS standard.
For more technical information on the Oakley modules please visit Oakley sound.

All stock amounts are correct.
All In stock Modules ship in 2-4 working days giving us time to do final checks.

All payments by non EU customers by paypal UK/EU customers can pay by cheque, bank transfer or paypal.

New Products For September

Diode Superladder
Diode Superladder

The Oakley Diode Superladder has been designed from the ground up to sound good using diodes. The circuit is considerably different from all previous designs and has its own sound. This version features a new switch to select the maximum number of diode rungs in the ladder. You can now chose between four and five pole filtering - with the five pole mode giving a steeper roll off and smoother tone.